House of Neighborly Service
Boy scouts deliver meals in San Antonio.

Sandra Morales hopes donors will remember the people of the West Side, as the pandemic enters the second year.

Morales serves as executive director of the House of Neighborly Service, a nonprofit that has served West Side families since 1917. Currently, the organization offers programs that prepare young children for school, that address food insecurity, and that support families holistically, among other services.

When the pandemic started, individual donors and foundations stepped up with additional support as the crisis began to take hold.

As we enter 2021, Morales hopes funders don’t have Covid-19 fatigue as cases continue to surge in San Antonio amid the slow rollout of a vaccine.

“People want to take care of themselves, and want to provide a good life for themselves,” Morales said of her organization’s donors. “Is that going to be more important versus giving to a nonprofit that’s helping others who may not be as fortunate?”

“Now going into 2021, it’s the same concern,” she added. “Will people still give? Will they see our work as being important? Everyone sees things differently. I think for any executive director, that’s their No. 1 anxiety: Will it be there, will (funding) be available?”

The House of Neighborly Service, (HNS) which was founded by Presbyterian missionaries, is located on North Calaveras in two buildings adjacent to Divine Redeemer Presbyterian church. A $2 million renovation of the buildings is scheduled to begin soon.

HNS serves households in San Antonio’s West Side.

Morales says they are helping parents find jobs. They are helping seniors experience human connection while being isolated. The day-to-day tribulations for people living in San Antonio haven’t ceased. Morales hopes the support doesn’t, as well.

“My wish is that funders—whether it’s individuals, foundations—that they continue to see that [we serve] people who are in need and who will continue to be in need of resources, especially (in 2021).”

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